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I here at Beautiful Rat Headquarters have a big box of records that I want to get rid of! Instead of throwing them away, or damning them to a lifetime in a Goodwill bin, I have decided to list this up here!

Purchasing this will guarantee 2 (two) vinyl records. They may be awesome, they may be terrible! I have anywhere from stuff from the Merge 30th edition vinyl club, to some old foreign stuff I grabbed out of a throw away bin at an archive, to stuff that was accidentally shipped to me and I was told to keep. Even some old goodwill favorites like Herb Alpert or "Italian Christmas Disco."

I don't want anyone to feel scammed from this, so I want to again reiterate- SOME OF THESE WILL SUCK!!! Some will be cool, but more may be junk. Ultimately I am putting this up for the random vinyl lover who wants to help support the label by giving me your money!

Five dollars will get you two off these, but I will allow you to pay more! If you give me more than $5, I will either throw in more records, throw in a few extra 7 inches, or even try to handpick out something a little better to send! If you want a lot more than two for funsies, shoot me a message and we can talk. I just want to GET RID OF THESE!

ships out within 7 days

  $5 USD or more 



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