Metamorphosis by eevie echoes TAPES

from Beautiful Rat Records

Have you ever thought to yourself- "Wow, I sure wish that I could have all the songs from eevie echoes Self Diagnosis and Self Care EPs, all in one convenient tape? Maybe also it'd be cool if that tape was pink?"


"This was what was going through my mind as I was listening to "Self-Care" the last time I did. The butterfly’s journey begins where the caterpillar’s ends, but not without entirely liquidating itself and re-forming into what it has always been. If 'Self-Diagnosis' is Eevie as a caterpillar then 'Self-Care' is Eevie as a butterfly. She gets away from it all in 'Off the Grid' (cocoons), then she tells us the person she wants to be in 'Dear Doll' (the inner-working going on inside the cocoon) and immerges strong, powerful, soaring higher than ever in 'I Feel Okay Today.' Three songs and we get to witness a metamorphosis." - From a review by Mister Substitute on Music Shelf with Mustard


Metamorphosis is a releases that combines these two EPs into one release, not only for the cool convenience of getting to listen to them in one place, but to also show the journey that Eevie has gone in in both songwriting- and in life. I am honored to get to put this release out, and beyond pumped that I got to work with Eevie on this. If you are a fan of rocking tunes, loud folk punk, or journeys of self acceptance- this is the release for you!

30 copies in the Rat Shop, and 10 will be with Eevie! If we sell out, I'll make more!

This is a pre-order, tapes are in production this very second and will ship out as soon as they arrive! ETA is 1-2 weeks!

Album art by Eli Jones (@indianaelijones on Instagram)

ships out within 5 days

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